Appreciating the time we have to spend together

Posted By on May 23, 2015

Being sentimental or overly reflecting on each day really is not in my nature, but because my prayer list growing for those who have TaylorAptEWH150522health issues, I’ve spent a little more time “trying” to appreciate “the moments.” 

The focus this winter/spring has primarily been on my dad (and my mother-in-law), and I’ve made a priority to visit, call and be “less busy” when I’m with them. The past week we’ve been moving Taylor into a new place (photo left) and again “trying” to appreciate the moments. He has been great at responding in kind (probably appreciated the moving help too!)

It is great to see him so happy to be here … considering only a couple years ago Kitchen452receiptthe far horizons had such an appealing pull, but the time away has made “his heart grow fonder” as the saying goes … I think the quote works for locations too?

As I mentioned previously, Brenda (aka: the “mama-bear”) continues with the mothering chores home-making apartment-making lists of things to do/bring … and I continue the treks back and forth from “the burbs” to East Walnut Hills. It should be a shorter drive, but I do seem to pick lousy times to make the drive. One of the pleasures of visiting is checking out some of the local businesses in the area … often cafes and restaurants. Friday was no exception. I even found myself enjoying Kitchen452 (vegetarian cuisine) across Woodburn Avenue from my son’s apartment.

As we were eating, Taylor brought the subject of starting a business and being part of a community. He wondered how I had the ambition to do such a thing? Huh? I never really gave it that much thought, but he was spot on with how much time, dedication and work it takes to be an entrepreneur and start a business from scratch. Thankfully I worried less when I was young!  The lunch was that much more enjoyable knowing he was thinking about what it must have been like when we started a company, bought and remodeled a building and worked tirelessly to get ahead. I wore a tie by day (sales) and shop coat by night (production) … and Brenda worked extra hours whenever she could to keep the bills paid. I’m not really sure how we did it … and with the added regulations and government hurdles, am not sure we could today?

Remodeling our Cuyahoga Falls, OH building in 1986 (& Brenda by our first Volkswagen!)


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