Poor flight management by #Delta Airlines at Reagan National

Posted By on June 14, 2015

Somebody has had a lousy day of traveling … or is it two days?

After 9 days in London, Taylor was up at 6AM UK time on Sunday to get to the airport for his flight back home. Because he had re-booked his ticket from CVG instead of leaving from Williston, ND,

he ended up with a couple of connections … usually no big deal for him (he doesn't mind traveling). Unfortunately on arrival to Reagan National in Washington DC, the afternoon thunderstorms delayed the landing and his connection flight to Cincinnati.

This is where it gets bungled by Delta. One of the flight attendants stumbled and sprained her ankle on the way to the gate so after the hour delay for weather, they delayed another 2 hours waiting for a new flight attendent. Once the new flight attendant arrived the 180 passengers reboard the plane again. Now it is 10PM (east coast time) and this is where it gets really interesting … someone at Delta now realizes the previous crew has now worked 14 hours and can't fly the DCA to CVG leg. FLIGHT CANCELLED.

So 180 tired and angry passengers head to the lightly staffed Delta counter to figure out what to do. Taylor called me at 11PM tonight (was planning to pick him up at the airport) saying that they are going to try and get 180 hotel rooms, but were having difficulty with transportation and finding enough rooms. Medallion members are frustrated too but at least are able to get through to their special phone number while others are told it will be a 2 hour wake. Taylor fortunately was reschedule for a 1:45PM flight tomorrow (thankfully doesn't start his new job on Monday!) but is really more interested in sleeping at the moment.

So far, Delta has not exibihit the professionalism and experience they “should” have as a top tier airline (4-1/2 hours before cancelling flight). It is no wonder passenger need some kind of “bill of rights.” We'll see if they “voluntarily” try to make amends with the ordinary passengers … I suspect they will do whatever they can to keep their million mile Medallion flier happy. Not sure about those of us who only fly every other month — for the record, I've pretty much written off Delta and choose Southwest every chance I get. I just might cancel my Delta Skymiles American Express card tomorrow?



  • David Gates

    As a frequent flyer, I hate what Delta has turned into. Lousy service even for Medallion passengers. Did your son eventually make it back?

    • David,
      Thanks for your comment. My son finally did get through to the customer service but it ain’t what it use to be. After the 4-5 hours on and off the plane they got all 80 passengers rooms across Washington DC with a “one way taxi ride” to the hotel. The next day he had to wait until the afternoon flight and pay his own way ($25 taxi) back to the airport. No meal vouchers so he was on his own for a Sunday night snack (no supper) and breakfast (no free continental) at the hotel. All that was granted for the inconvenience was 20,000 Skymiles. Several Medallion members were discussed how they were handled and “said” they would be looking to take their business elsewhere. Delta Airlines dropped the ball in more ways than scheduling their flight attendants … oh and then customer service said the flight was cancelled due to weather. Not true … the would have been delayed an hour or 2 at most if it were the storms. It was the scheduling of flight attendants.

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