Got to love the Ultimate Driving Machine — BMW

Posted By on October 22, 2015


I’m fortunate to have a son, who even at 26, seems to enjoy and appreciate hearing his father opine and help hunt for new car. The two of us spent hours emailing back and forth, several weekends looking … and a few evenings after work test driving DaCleanBMWbootover the past couple of months … in search of the perfect next car. He (and I) finally concluded that the BMW brand was going to be the next vehicle … at least until we come face to face with maintenance woes.

Last night Taylor finally decided on his car … a BMW 528i xDrive (In with the new, after out with the old). It’s a few years old and has enough miles on the odometer to make it affordable, but this beautiful "space grey" sedan looks and drives perfectly. The one owner car had detailed records and was recently thoroughly serviced by BMW of Cincinnati. I doubt the trunk was ever opened (it’s that clean) and 3.0 liter inline six is probably the best engine BMW ever built. With new tires, impeccable paint, rear biased all-wheel drive and a long list of interior comforts, I think Taylor will be happy for a long time.


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