Out with the old – Taylor sold his 2007 Volkswagen GTI

Posted By on October 15, 2015


Who knows if this was a good decision or not … but my son Taylor decided to sell his 2007 Volkswagen GTI (no … not a diesel TDI tarnished by the VW emissions scandal) and is looking to buy something new. Maybe it was due to driving a full size pickup and a large SUV in Williston, North Dakota for the last two years or perhaps it is just a young man wanting a change? I suspect one of the issues is the age old “dollars to repair verses dollar toward a newer car” debate we’ve all been through. Nevertheless, his sporty little performance car now has a new owner … a young girl just learning to drive a stick. Let’s hope this little pocket rocket doesn’t get her in any trouble.

Sold_2007VWGTI_r151014 Sold_2007VWGTI_f151014

Speaking of Volkswagen things … I just replaced my daily VW water thermos bottle with a new Klean Kanteen. The old one was given to me as a gift when our CinciTDI car club hosted the TDIFest here in Cincinnati. I dropped it one too many times and the vacuum seal has leaked and it no longer keeps my water as cold as it once did. Hopefully the new stainless steel thermos will live up to its $24 and positive reviews.



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