Rep Paul Ryan is open to running for Speaker

Posted By on October 21, 2015

Rep Paul Ryan leaving his office on Tuesday

It looks like Rep Paul Ryan is open to running for Speaker of the House “if” all the political components in the Republican party can unite. In today's divided congress (not just Democrats and Republicans), this will not be a small task. I personally hope that this Miami grad (MU Ohio) will be able to bring both the traditional moderates wing and relatively new conservative right wing of the party together. I hope he gets the chance.

WASHINGTON—Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) indicated to House Republicans on Tuesday that he would be open to running for speaker under certain conditions, according to lawmakers attending a closed-door meeting.

The Wisconsin Republican told the lawmakers that he would need the support of the hard-line conservative group the Freedom Caucus, centrists in the Tuesday Group and the Republican Study Committee, a larger conservative group within the caucus.

Mr. Ryan has said he doesn’t want the job but has been wooed by his colleagues as the one lawmaker with leadership and vision to bridge the divides in the fractious conference. On Tuesday night, he gave his GOP colleagues his strongest indication yet that their entreaties could pay off.

Mr. Ryan said he wanted to know by Friday if the three major caucuses would endorse him. He said he wouldn’t support rules changes to benefit any one caucus, said Rep. Charlie Dent (R., Pa.).

According to a Ryan aide, if the members “agree with his requests and share his vision, and if he is a unity candidate—with the endorsement of all the conference’s major caucuses—then he will serve as speaker,” an aide said. “He will be all in.”

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