Tinkering with Blogsy and chimney chase home repairs

Posted By on December 21, 2015

Another excuse to try to get Blogsy, the blog posting app on my iPad, to include photos without posting them to Flickr or Google (the two options besides “normal WordPress media” built into Blogsy). Unfortunately the suggestion from the programmer was to use a separate sFTP client — very cumbersome and not the way to go. I’ll probably need to resort to either the WordPress app for the iPad or the the WordPress web editor? That’s too bad since I liked using Blogsy.

chimney chase

The photo above is the new “chase” for our fireplace chimney which will eventually be stone veneer. The old brick veneer chase was wobbling (poor construction) and beginning to crack apart at the corners and roof flashing. When we had our roof work done, the roofer was unable to finish the flashing next to the old brick veneer … culminating in an entirely new project and another home repair expense. So the repairs began over the weekend due to a week of rain is in the forecast; we are water tight now, but it would be nice if the weather would remain dry a couple more days. 


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