Fixing a skylight leak leads to replacing the roof on our home

Posted By on November 16, 2015


Several of the homes in our neighborhood had some hail damage this summer … ours included. We had damage to the sky light area of our mud room and water has been seeping in when the wind is just right. Unfortunately our insurance would not pay the entire roof OR the entire repairs that we are having done, but a little bit will help offset replacing our older “slopes.”  flashing_stepped_151114The front (north facing) part of our roof is 20 years old and showing signs of age as were the areas over our first floor master bathroom and closet (we’re replacing that skylight too before it leaks).

Josh Tirey Roofing is doing our repairs and I’ve very please with the work they are doing so far. I particularly like the way they do the step flashing … fully soldered and cut into the mortar of the brick rather than gunked with silicone caulk (as was done by the builder). If there is one tip that you pick up from this post … try to find a really good roofer who pays attention to detail even if it costs a few dollars more. Not all roofers are the same!


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