Working on the chimney chase with stone veneer

Posted By on December 15, 2015

chimney stone veneer sample

One of the issues we found when replacing our roof last month was a wobbly chimney chase for the fireplace in the house. The original fireplace has a stainless steel chimney that extends from the first floor through the second floor, the trusses and then the “chimney chase” on the roof. The builder must not have secured the chase solidly to the trusses and the movement has caused the original brick veneer (matches the house) to come loose. It doesn’t seem to be repairable so we are going to take it down, replace the chase, then veneer with stone to “semi” match our backporch stone fireplace and top with a custom stainless steel cap.

It’s probably not the time of the year to begin this project, but we need to get the chimney box properly flashed before any heavy blowing rains — Monday may have been a test?

Follow up EDIT: This was a Blogsy test post after installing WordPress on the new tiny Digital Ocean cloud server. There are limitations preventing me from adding images via sFTP or another more open FTP server as I do with Microsoft’s LiveWriter. The only working option currently available is to send the image and link through Google or Flickr (this post is Flickr). I’m going to write the Blogsy team and see if there is something they can do?


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