A long BMW X3 test drive — well, a loaner car

Posted By on February 7, 2016

While our BMW X5 35d is in the shop and waiting for a few parts, I was given a pretty nice loaner car or the weekend – X3 XDrive 28i.

After buzzing around town for a coupled day, I must say that it is nearly a 10 in my book. I’m impressed with the styling, the large comfortable interior and impressive BMW driving characteristcs.

The 2.8L gas engine has plenty of pep since it is mated to a snappy transmission that can be switched frrom comfort to sport mode. The third setting of eco is most impressive. Love the engine shut off and recharge on braking. Love to be able to really run a full tank of gas on it just to see what would be possible. Maybe they’ll trade my 2010 X5 for this 2016 X3???


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