As former speaker Tip O’Neill once said, All politics is local

Posted By on March 9, 2016

As we continue to drill down to select the best candidates to represent both the Republicans and Democrats in November’s presidential election, the process has been pretty disgusting … perhaps not the process, but the candidates ugliness. Here’s how I am coming to a conclusion before voting next Tuesday.

As a long time Republican, I favor a limited small government, reduced taxes and strong defense. I though I was going to cast my Ohio primary vote for Marco Rubio, but his choice to become satisfactionforcandidates20"Trump-like" has me rethinking my vote. I don’t think I’m alone? At this point the GOP has a cast of "characters" who look to be "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" this year. I hope not, but we almost seem suicidal. New non-traditional Republican voters have entered the process this go-around due to the leading candidate Donald Trump … but he is so squishy on issues and without much substance that it is difficult know where he stands … or more importantly "trust" where he stands. He insults and bullies everyone in the field (or not), uses language that insults decent people and displays character that is polar opposite to my own. Trump is not what I expect from a candidate I support. His swipes at previous leaders, be they John McCain, Mitt Romney or President Bush are repulsive to me. I want more from our president and as an example of what America stand for in the world but don’t even get me started on Hillary Clinton when talking "trust or character."

I also have a personal track record with Trump and his business ethics. He has treated employees, investors and those who have extended credit to him in his business dealing like a shyster. When he bankrupted $DJT (also had 3 other bankruptcies), he stiffed his creditors and investors (I was one) while continuing to pay himself millions in salary (see below). He loaded up the company with debt and took advantage of U.S. bankruptcy protection. As he would say, "it was all legal" … but definitely not ethical in my book … and he’s done it multiple times.  I suspect his tax returns are not much different … legal but more reflective of personal gains and greed. Winning, eh? For me, experiencing this personally, has me disliking and questioning his character to lead and care for ALL the citizens of our country.


Ok you say … then who else can win … and more importantly beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? I’m have my doubts about the most conservative candidate, Ted Cruz. He has been a hard sell to those in his own party since for good and bad, he doesn’t negotiate (or play well) with others in the Senate. Although his values and positions are very close to my own, I also want a president who will govern the entire country — maybe even be a uniter — unlike what we have in President Obama. I also wonder if he can win the nomination if Rubio and Kasich drop out … without an open convention? (the path to someone other than Trump may only come from a convention fight)

johnkasichcomThere there is my own governor who I’ve happily voted for before.  John Kasich, is without a doubt the most qualified of the GOP bunch. His experience as a fiscally conservative congressman is well regarded and over the past several recession years, he also has a proven record of legislative accomplishment. It is precisely what we need in this country. But again … there currently isn’t a path forward to win the nomination (although he has the best chance to beat Clinton as I believe disgruntled moderate Democrats see Kasich as better than current Dems).  Hm?

At this point I can’t vote Trump, am disappointed with Rubio (and looks to be slipping) and don’t think Cruz can win in the general. So, I’ll be voting "local" and for someone I know can do a good job for our country. I’m voting, in the Ohio primary, for John Kasich next Tuesday. Who knows where it will take us. If the Trump train can’t be stopped, then I’ll hold my nose in November and pray he has been just playing a game to get elected.


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