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Posted By on April 20, 2016


In an email exchange with Andrew Rodriguez of, he hinted that he’ll have a few new products up in Wisconsin at the 2016 TDIFest this Labor Day. One item that caught my eye was a billeted chunk of aluminum "goodness" as the marketeers say — he knew what he was doing sending it to me. I can’t wait to see it, as well as some of his other new exhaust items, and maybe I even add this EGR Race Pipe to my BMW X5 35d shopping list.

EGR Race Pipe for BMW 335D and X5 35D

Material: Billet Aluminum

Manufacture: AARodriguez Corp.

Country of Origin: USA

Pricing: $0.01 for pre-sale notification and to reserve yours before everyone else


    Increases air flow
    Deletes EGR cooler
    Reduces lag
    Increases throttle response
    Eliminates hiccups in power
    Less parts to break that can cause CELs
    Retains the ASV for smooth shut downs and emergency cut off of the air flow in case of a run away


    100% Bolt on
    Billet aluminum machined in the USA
    Includes Grade 12.9 mounting hardware with anti-corrosive coating
    Includes high quality Viton O-ring
    Includes Stainless steel block off plate for the turbo manifold
    Includes EGR gasket for the manifold



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