BMW X5 35d update: Shedding some weight plus a new item

Posted By on May 28, 2016


It is amazing just how many exhaust parts find their way onto modern cars. They do a good job of making diesel exhaust clean, but the expensive and complex DPF_X535dprocess is going to kill the internal combustion engine, in my opinion. I’m amazed at just how much "junk" I had to remove (above) in repairing my BMW X5 35d (click DPF filter at right to see particulates that would not regenerate). After adding up the parts and labor, it is no wonder I was able to purchase for a better than expected price (A word of warning to potential BMW diesel buyers … know what you are getting into).

That said, the new tune and performance gains are impressive … although I haven’t really pushed anything as it is not back together yet. I’ve got a couple more "fixes" to do in the next couple of weeks and am hoping to see a few mpg gains on road trips?  Time to do it is the problem, as between graduations, estate sale and a birthday party for Taylor at our house, I will probably continue to drive the Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel love driving it anyway.

Item on order from Andrew at Smile 




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