The 1958 Packard Hawk is still in the family and in my garage

Posted By on May 21, 2016


With a little help from the tow company’s flatbed delivery guy, my Dad’s 1958 Packard Hawk has been safely moved from Sidney, Ohio to my garage. Although I was able to get it started a few weeks ago, something is wrong with the transmission (stuck in gear) and it also has a known master cylinder problem — no brakes! While trying to move it out of dad’s garage, we had to drag the car with a wheel skid onto the truck. On the reverse, I put a wheel dolly under the locked up rear wheel to get it off the truck and into the garage. No time currently tinker with it, so I tossed the car cover back on and look forward to working on it someday.

Who knows, with only 588 of this last Packard ever made, maybe I can get Jay Leno (of Jay Leno’s Garage) to stop in Cincinnati someday?

A couple of dad’s models came to me too — although this one is a Studebaker!


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