Archive: Photos and researching Cape Horn steering gear issue

Posted By on July 30, 2016

IMG_7282Last trip to Encore I attempted to loosen up the Cape Horn self-steering gear and failed. Seems the paddle arm that is currently in the upright or vertical position is stuck or binding even after taking off the line preventing it from swinging down. I’ll admit, I’m unsure if there is a different locking mechanism since the temps down below in the aft were even hotter than in the cabin … in other words, I didn’t dig to deep on the inside of the boat.


Instead, I took a few photos and will archive as I ponder and research what might be wrong. It could have some corrosion or a bad bearing section … or even bent?

IMG_7278 IMG_7279 

Including a photo from the top since I will eventually be replacing the degrading plastic caps and parts.


Email answer from Cape Horn:

I can send you the course adjustment disk and the 2 roller with no problem. The top cap is the same for everyone and the back cap of the base of the tower is held with screws, so there is no problem for those also. Its basically the cap at the top of the oar tube that is pressure held for which I need inside diameter measure, as well as the mounting tube bushings, if they need to be replaced.

Cap Horn is in French and was always spelled like that.


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