Watching Hurricane Matthew and Cleveland Indians

Posted By on October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is blasting up Florida’s Atlantic coast at this early morning moment. I’ve been back and forth between baseball and the Weather Channel which spent much of the night broadcasting from all places, Fort Pierce, FL. I exchanged text messages at midnight with our friends riding out the storm there and will stay up a few more hours until the worst of the winds pass. Mark and Dar plan on checking on Encore tomorrow if the roads are clear … so I’ll know more if the marina and our sailboat survived.

Weather Channel Fort Pierce FL

Matthew’s track seems to be ever so slightly east of what was projected,  but I also realize the surge and wind is still substantial … still hurricane force. We’ll find out tomorrow how our marina and Encore made out.

On a happier note, “my” Cleveland Indians won game one of the ALDS against Boston in an excellent 5 – 4 game … I’ll credit the win to the home crowd! Goodnight all.


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