Curtains for Encore — Just call me Sailor Homemaker

Posted By on October 6, 2016

EncorePorts_cLet’s hope this “curtain call” (cough, cough) isn’t a precursor for Hurricane Matthew bearing down on Encore in Fort Pierce Florida?

The subject line was more of a slip of the tongue regarding “curtains” when I really intended a twisted “Suzy Homemaker” innuendo — Sailor Homemaker (my attempts at sewing curtains).


Failed joke aside, I did bring home one of the old nasty looking curtains or port coverings from our sailboat in order to replace. The thought was that I would get Brenda to sew up 7 of these for the boat, but “if you want it done, you just have to do it yourself.”

EncorePorts_a SailRiteFenceBottom

Actually I could only muster one of these (for now) as I need to take apart the old ones in order to reuse the fabric and plastic hooks. After being taught to use a seam ripper it wasn’t all that bad. I made a straight edge “fence” for the Sailrite Walking Foot Sewing Machine and dialed in the tension and threading setup for the lightweight fabric and threads. After some trial and error, I was able to stitch up the first of 7 … although I’ll have to check to see how it fits next trip down.



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