Two New Trane Furnaces installed on a COOL winter day

Posted By on December 28, 2016


With the intent to capture the end of the year 2016 tax credit and take advantage of a slow work week, I scheduled the replacement of our 21 year old Bryant HVAC equipment. The installers from Logan-Inc worked one full day to replace our two furnaces with higher efficiency Trane models (XR95 + S9V2) and a 4 ton outdoor XL18i AC unit — we’ll continue to use the old smaller AC on the basement equipment since it is rarely used. TNewFurnaceRoom161228he eventual plan to use that electrical circuit to run a ductless mini-split just for my home office, although it may take some salesmanship to get Brenda onboard — kitchen negotiations perhaps??? 

A couple of changes we made besides improving efficiency to 95% and 96% (18 SEER for AC), was a bit more focus on the location of AC condenser lines which were originally installed in the inaccessible rear and rerouting of the natural gas lines to make servicing the equipment easier … not to mention just moving around it. Also we opted for a variable speed fan and a 2 stage set-up for the main unit that runs based on the temperature and demand rather than cycling full capacity on and off … this should help with our utility bill. Time will tell.

All in all, the furnace room is a little bit more user friendly (photo above).

Out with the old …

Bryant_MainFurnace161227 Bryant_BasementFurnace161227

and In with the NEW (and with a much slimmer wallet!) Smile

Trane_MainFurnace161228 Trane_BasementFurnace161228


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