What photo is most vivid in your mind for 2016?

Posted By on December 31, 2016

The last several years MyDesultoryBlog has highlighted "banished words" from the list Lake Superior State University (LSSU), who puts together a list at the beginning of a new year (and probably still will in early January)? This year we’ll end we’ll end 2016 with a couple memorable photos. The first being serious, and second … well …


No doubt the "Aleppo Boy" (Omran Daqneesh) and the video footage has to be part of everyone’s memory. It illustrates the horror of war and the "stark reminder of the toll of the war in Syria" and in particular the city of Aleppo.  Let us hope we will see an end to that war in 2017 … and a collapse of ISIL/ISIS who has taken advantage of disarray in Syria … as well as Iraq.

This second memorable photo is a bit snidely and political on my part. It is a photo that represents the end of the road for two Democrats. President Obama will be leaving the office after 8 years and semi-successfully moving our country toward a social democracy (Europe) and several decades of knowing Hillary Clinton who most assumed would be his inevitable replacement. Her "less than likeable demeanor" and decades of political dirt became too much for her to overcome, not to mention blue collar frustration and the lack of working class jobs. Eventually doling out borrowed and “other people’s money” does not overcome a weak economy. As with the Bush administration preceding, Obama, Hillary Clinton and fellow democrats left behind a mess.

Seeing this sickening 2016 photo again, after the American people chose President-Elect Donald Trump, is now much more tolerable than when it first appeared. Goodbye and good riddance to both!



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