The Elio Motors confusing reservation structure

Posted By on January 16, 2017

The Elio came up in a discussion and the question came up, "how much will it really cost?" That’s when I realized just how confusing the low price point could be. Gone is the much marketed $6800 car as the current reservation price is $7300 … at least for about 1000 more orders. There is a "full commitment" price of $7000 where the buyer is fully committed to the purchase (non-refundable deposit) … which for 85% of the reservation holders is acceptable. That the the much needed Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing  (ATVM) loan program requires Elio to demonstrate market acceptance … therefore "Lock In."



Of course this is "base price" … and perhaps a non-carpeted version is not exactly what you wanted? I joke about the carpeting since that will likely be one of the options … still it does look like the base model will come with a significant number of creature comforts. Hey … I’m "ALL-IN" so am sold on the Elio.


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