Cut the cord — and then added a few channels back

Posted By on March 4, 2017

Well … so much for cutting the cord as I mentioned in February and contemplating using the Sony Playstation Vue streaming service for the few channels ($30/mo) we wanted to receive that are unavailable over-the-air. We never really got to that point since the local dslreports_fioptics_170305antenna channels seemed way too slow in changing and somewhat finicky while using the inexpensive flat antenna. The final straw was the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics offer to waive fees and speed up the installation of fiber to the house if I opted for whole house DVR  and a TV package. They offered most of the channels we watch in a lower tier package (missing CNBC … but do include FoxNews and FoxBusiness – go figure?). The deal closer was to include our three TV boxes as no additional fee and be sure they were all working together on the main DVR … all for a significantly lower monthly rate than Time Warner or their acquirer Spectrum. To make the decision even easier than the cost savings was the fact that our internet speed is now 3 times faster.


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