Testing an inexpensive OTA antenna before cutting the cord

Posted By on February 28, 2017

DigitalAntenna170226Television habits, elimination of a landlines and much faster Internet speeds have changed the way most of us use and think about connectivity nowadays … and I’m not the first to once again contemplate "cutting the cable cord." The first step is likely knowing what is available over the air and IF an affordable high speed Internet connection is available.

In our case, I know we can live with Skype, Facetime, etc along with fair price cellphones voice communication and we now finally have fast and stable Internet capable of streaming video. The final push we needed to re-think cutting the cord is due to forced changes coming in 2017 due to Spectrum acquiring Time Warner Cable, it is time re-look at our options.

This past week I called to get on the list for fiber installation at the house and picked up a cheap amplified OTA antenna with good reviews for a few dollars off on Amazon Deals. After trying it "behind" the TV in my garage workshop, I had to end up sticking it on the window in order to pull in the major networks. This tells me that antenna placement is going to be important IF we give up cable (photo).

My biggest concern is in receiving a couple cable news channels. I need want FoxNews, FoxBusiness and CNBC … which are only offered in subscription packages. So far the best option looks to be Sony’s PlaystationVue, but is the saving worth the hassles and headaches of making a change?

Worse case … I drop TWC for the "required" 30 days while testing … then we qualify for as a "new customer" of Spectrum and can set up new service (exactly what I have now) and save $370 in cable cost vs the current plan we are being forced to continue if we remain a customer (believe me, I try to finagle the "new customer" price — no go).

Stay tuned.


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