Looking for a beaten up stock? Look at FireEye – $FEYE

Posted By on April 27, 2017

Once a cloud-computing software security darling, FireEye has taken it on the chin and then some. Concerns still abound, but from most accounts, a bottom in stock price may have been found. It is particularly encouraging that Goldman’s Gabriela Borges, a software security analyst, has issued a “buy” recommendation and believes the stock will rally 18% over the next 6 months.

For me, this could be another 2017  “in and out” trade unless we see contracts renewed and more growth on the horizon.  Because the expectations are low and many investors have been hurt and likely afraid to get back into FireEye, it might take a “show me” moment to attract investors again? If you are a tech oriented investor with some risk-tolerance and want in before the “show me” moment, FireEye (FEYE) maybe a stock to buy. For me, I wouldn’t mind being out before the end of May if FEYE is up 7% or so … if not …no sweat considering it is currently priced close to a consensus bottom.


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