Spinning Fork: Our favorite restaurant and reminiscing

Posted By on May 9, 2017

logoRarely do I endorse many establishments on the blog, but Spinning Fork in Fairfield, Ohio is not a problem for me. The casual family owned Italian restaurant has been our favorite since 1995, although it was in a different location a bit further north on Dixie Highway/ Route 4. Besides the excellent food, the friendly employees (and owners) always make us feel welcome and appreciated. The food is excellent, atmosphere comfortable and prices moderate.What’s not to like?

I suspect our "bond" began when my son was in grade school and one of their elderly family members from Italy took to him and called him Mr. Taylor. We enjoyed her for several years until she went back to Italy … but the others have been just as friendly ask about the family even with months between visits. Of course I really didn’t need an opening to pull out the latest photo of Annalyn.

If you enjoy homemade Italian food in a VERY friendly setting, you cannot go wrong having lunch or dinner at Spinning Fork.



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