Chastised for not updating on grandparenthood

Posted By on August 20, 2017

AnnalynLittlePineaple170813Dar Jones, an out of state friend of ours regularly checks my blog and mentioned that I’ve been lax in my grand-parenting duties in updating photos of my granddaughter Annalynat least as a new grandfather. Personal items and photos are likely the only items of interest to her on my blog (HA!) Since I don’t seem to have a problem sharing the occasional photo or two, and because it might have been a couple weeks (??), here are a couple more photos of our “cute little pineapple!”

Nearly everyday my wonderful daughter Katelyn and her husband Drew will send an email or a text message with another great photo, so I sure feel connected — FaceTime and video chatting are great too … had a fun talk on Friday night watching Drew dip Annalyn’s feet in the pool! So cute. Sad thought to realized that this was something not available for generations of grandparents (and military parents) who lived apart (sorry mom and dad).
Sad smile
Since I regularly do a Music Monday post, maybe I should adopt a day of the week just for Annalyn? Hm, that might be a little too much … maybe once a month???

Without further ado, here are a couple more recent photos for the blog archive



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