Pre-posted before our family weekend in Cincinnati

Posted By on August 5, 2017


It is hard to believe, but this will be the first time our granddaughter Annalyn comes to visit in Cincinnati. Shocking … 5 months and a first visit??? It will have to change.

Since I’ll likely be preoccupied, here’s a Thursday night post for a Sunday filler after using the extra material from my Wicker Chair project to update the small seat from my old wicker rocking chair to match. The small chair for Annalyn to use was one that I had  as a little boy (I think it was my mother’s when she was a girl – wish I knew for sure). Anyway we thought it would be a perfect "set-up" in order encourage Katelyn and Drew to let Annalyn stay with us in Cincinnati … when she is a little older. Maybe by then I’ll repair the little chair to match the big ones???
Speaking of "little boy" … Smile

I’m archiving "my first boat" photo with my cousin Bobby, brother Ron and cousin Diane and a second one a year or so later from our house on Lagoon Drive on Lake Erie.



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