Remembering one of my early jobs after seeing a Tweet #TBT

Posted By on August 17, 2017

Earlier this week, I had a Throwback Thursday moment when reading my Twitter feed. A reporter commented on @PortageNotebook PortageNotebooks2017and the logo/icon was a dead giveaway for the spin-off company where I once worked. The Akron, Ohio based Portage Newspaper Supply was the purchasing arm for Knight Ridder Newspapers and I was part of the sales team. One of their proprietary products was a ubiquitous "Reporter’s Notebook." When I left in 1986 to start Consolidated Printing and Publishing Co, the now independent company must have sold the rights to some of their products to others.

After a private conversation with the now Bedford, Ohio (Cleveland) PortageNotebooks company, I learned that they purchased the business from a company in Connecticut. Small world, but the pen and paper "reporter notebook" seems to be making a rebound!


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