iPhoneX sales are strong as Apple’s market cap nears $900Billion

Posted By on November 4, 2017


It was a big Friday for Apple iPhone lovers as those who pre-ordered were able to pick up their brand new iPhoneX smartphones … for the insanely high $999 or $1150. Wow,iPhoneX_inside have prices risen for cellphones in recent years (of course so has their function) … and they are back to the price of my first mobile phone.
In many areas there were also lines for those hoping they could just walk in and pick up a new iPhoneX or just their for the buzz of the day? A tear down of the phone surprise a few with two power cells.

iPhoneXCamShotThe most noticeable feature is the display without the "home/fingerprint reader" button freeing up space for display use. About the only odd look is the "notch" for the speaker and FaceTime camera that intrudes into the OLED display. Although security can still be handled by "pin" code, the newest and most controversial new feature is FaceID to unlock the new iPhoneX.

As for availability, sources say Apple is no where close to meeting the demand for the phone and will only have half as many as previously stated by the end of the year. Such is the buzz for "must have, latest and greatest" technology gadgets.

Those of use who watch the financial side of Apple (AAPL) continue to be amazed at a company that continues to impress when it comes to pricing power and an ability to design and build products consumers want to buy. Apple is a money making machine and their stock price and market value illustrate that fact.

Apple’s current market cap is closing in on $900B on Friday and the stock traded up.

One Year Chart of AAPL and statistics here.


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