Sheering a router bit has me wondering about the quality?

Posted By on November 22, 2017

BrokenRouterBit171119Last summer I bought a 50-piece set of router bits to use in my woodshop and so far they have been great … that was up until I may have push the limits on a 3/16" straight cut bit a little too hard (possibly???).  I only say "may" because the bit was mounted in my router table and it is easy to set up a jig and feed a tad to fast … but I  really don’t think so? It sheered off at the base which had me wondering if the quality of the workmanship or Chinese steel was sub-standard?

I wrote a note to the company’s eBay sales page to see if there were any other complains or at least what it might cost to add a replacement. We’ll see how well they stand behind these lower priced carbide bit, for now I’ll be a little more gentle.


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