After repairing my old Marlin 1894, it is time for upgrades

Posted By on November 21, 2017


One of my first rifles is still one of my favorites, so after repairing my Marlin 1894 last month I thought it might be time to upgrade a couple small parts. This .357 chambered lever action rifle is now 40 or so years old and after a fair number of rounds, suffered the bent extractor and weak ejector spring issue. The easiest fix would be just another "spring steel" component, but since this will likely be a pass down rifle, it deserves a couple stainless steel components that are true upgrades.

s-l225First is the tiny ejector with a stronger spring … it’s job is to force the spent shell casing out before sliding the next tube magazine feed round into the chamber. The Ranger Point Precision Extractor Claw is a totally different design and utilized a self-contained coil spring rather than the easy to break original spring steel part (below). The cost is about 3 times as much, but if you appreciate engineering, the new part is impressive. In all likelihood I’ll never need to replace either spring again.



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