After all these years – a 50 piece set of 1/2″ carbide router bits

Posted By on August 13, 2017

The older I get the more often I stumble on items to include in my book, "Things To Buy When You Are Young" … or at least one that I’m slowly putting together and working on.

I’ve fumbled with woodworking most of my life and to be fair, have purchased or been giving my share of nice tools. Included in my arsenal of items are two routers, one mounted in a router table like a shaper and the other used in a traditional matter. I’ve had a mixture of odds and ends cheap bits and a few better bits to use with them over the years, but seem to never have the one I want.


Last weekend I was working on a small project, re-cutting a doorway threshold with my son-in-law Drew … and boasted to him about how much I liked my "spiral bit."  After we were finished and he was gone, I cleaned up and put away my tools. I realized I had a hodgepodge of bits and many were not carbide and NOT sharp anymore. I also realized I didn’t always have the bit I wanted and would make-do by making a template, jig or just clamping down feather-boards and a fence.

A day later, a social networking ad appeared in my Twitter feed for a 50 piece carbide 1/2" bit set … it was inexpensive (as likely is the quality) and so I made the impulse buy. Nice … but I’ll need someone to tell me to use the new "good one" rather than pulling my old bits out of their Tupperware! (I have a tendency to use an old tool, bit, etc and keep the new, good one shiny and new)



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