Last minute gift idea AND picking the right hose clamp #humor

Posted By on December 20, 2017

LastMinuteRingThingJust in case there are a few men looking for last minute jewelry gifts to give to their sweetheart for Christmas, here’s a ring idea that will pretty much guarantee that you’ll never need to worry again – you’ll either be alone … or dead!

And since I know there is sure to be a thought or comment from one of my sailing hose-clampsfriends about cheap hose clamps, perhaps an upgrade is in order? Open that squeaky wallet and go with the AWAB or ABA … at least for the boat!  

Here’s a 2014 Practical Sailor test on hose clamps.

The two T-bolts, Shields and Trident, cost over $10 each, and the ABA and AWAB were more expensive than any of the other worm-gear clamps at about $5 each. However, the ABA and AWAB are clearly made of higher-quality materials, are constructed well, performed smoothly with good compression, and excelled in our long-term corrosion test by showing no signs of tarnish. Practical Sailor recommends either of these hose clamps for all on-board general purpose and critical use applications. For extra measure of security, it is recommended that you put two hose clamps on each hose-fitting union that is below the waterline when the boat is heeled.



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