An old wooden ladder and memories good and bad

Posted By on January 14, 2018

OldBoatLadderToLoft180106As my son Taylor said, “ladders will be our family’s downfall.” So true …

The old wooden ladder I inherited from the late Harry McKee when we bought our first sailboat Brenich in the early 1980s is still in active service. It is no longer chained to the old boat cradle we kept in Huron, Ohio (where we stored it), but now is used regularly to access the loft in our poolhouse / detached garage. I found myself chuckling at the “vintage shag carpet” still duct taped to the ladder — I used it to protect the side of the boat!

As for “ladders being our family’s downfall,” this past week while putting away Christmas decorations, I climbed up to the loft as I’ve done hundreds of times in order to put away the wreaths and such and on the way down felt a rung crack ending up on the floor. Thankfully I was at the bottom so the fall was not anything like the one that injured Brenda or her Dad. The biggest take-away is “not to step in the middle of the rung” (I know that) AND take note that the bathroom scale does not lie! (Yes, I’ve gained a few pounds this past year … ugh!)

Here’s a great shot of the ladder (before cutting it shorter) and a “young” Brenda and Rich with Brenich in 1983.



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