Encore has a new dock space in February if she is ready?

Posted By on January 13, 2018

Google Maps view of the space D-8 that will be Encore‘s new dock

After hauling Encore last year for some much needed out-of-water bottom work, I’m hoping to relaunch and have her back in the water in February for the improving weather this upcoming spring. But with such few trips and infrequent sailing, I’m torn between keeping her EncoreOnTheHard170714and testing the market with a FSBO sign? 

Having owned and worked on her for the last several years planning for our "great escape" and thinking Brenda and I would be able to fly down to Florida and sail regularly before we fully retire, I’m starting to have my doubts? "Realistically," we are still a few years from retirement and health insurance when not working (Medicare) … and are currently both enjoying our very comfortable home, granddaughter and family who are now all in Ohio.  What to do, what to do???

So for now, I’ll buy a little more time, try to enjoy life and escape now and then to the boat when possible – it’s really not all that bad!


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