Backpacking filtration hack for emergency water too

Posted By on January 10, 2018

Bits and pieces are still arriving from my Christmas shopping. Sometimes I forget that not every company/individual doing business online is shipping with the efficiency we become accustom to with Amazon and other big online retail sites.


In any case, one of the gifts I assembled was an emergency kit that included survival items we hope never to need, but that would be nice to have if public services are unavailable for any length of time. After doing research on a water purification set-up, besides including water purification tablets, I opted for the Sawyer Mini Filter to Smartwater bottle hack  – because Brenda still buys plastic water bottles, against my protest and grumbling).

As for the simple solution to clean drinkable water, this serves a couple purposes.

  1. It is a good emergency system when you are uncomfortable with current drinking water
  2. It is perfect to take hiking and on trips as it is light, simple and relatively inexpensive.

I’ll include TheGoatMumbler‘s YouTube explanation below:


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