Show your appreciation for law enforcement #BlueLivesMatter

Posted By on January 11, 2018

While eating out on January 9th, I stealthfully pick up the check for a local police officer just as I’ve seen others do in the past. I find a gesture like this is a polite way to let street officers know we have their backs and appreciate them for the tough and often thankless job they are expected to do.


The conversation at our table turned to the challenges law enforcement officers face in dealing with not only the criminals, but the “political correct” and in my opinion overly soft approach they are expected to use when dealing with uncooperative hoodlums. It is hard enough for officers in the US to do the job when having to overthink when to use physical force … but it would be so much worse to be expected to function as law enforcement in the UK (video snippet below) where criminals know the police don’t even carry the tools (let alone have much political backing) when the use of force becomes necessary. I’m thankful most communities around me back our police give them what they need to keep themselves and the public safe in most encounters.


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