Impressive Crescent Moon so toyed with the Lumix GX8 #video

Posted By on March 12, 2018

It was a crisp and cold night for March in Cincinnati and with a pitch black sky at 6 AM (after the Daylight Savings time change), the Waning Crescent Moon (see Lunar Phase) gave me a chance to see if my Lumix GX8 and 100-300mm lens was up to the task.

I’ve tried still photos several times before (other cameras) but this was the first attempt photographing the moon at night in video. I’ve heard sensors do a better job with video than still photo (photo right).

Anyway, the video below is a very short clip (it was cold) … and it is still a tad bit fuzzy full screen, but far better than my experience of trying to take long or short exposed still photos of the moon (and even harder with an iPhone!)


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