Set the Amazon Echo Follow-up Mode to ON in your Alexa app

Posted By on March 13, 2018

A new Amazon Alexa Echo voice command improvement now makes it easier to string together a series of commands without repeating "Alexa" over and over again.AlexaEchoFollowupMode The back-to-back commands will need to right after each other AND you must turn on (off by default) the Follow-Up Mode under settings in the Alexa app.

After switching ON each Echo device on your network from the list of devices under Settings, you can then string requests together without getting Alexa’s attention each time (you need to activate each device you want to use in Follow-Up Mode). My test was simply to switch on an off a couple of house lights and to play a favorite Pandora station. Everything worked smoothly … almost as if I created a Group command (but that’s another feature – "Alexa, turn on all lights" … after you put your sunglasses on – HA!)

*** Currently you cannot use the Follow-Up Mode while PLAYING audio or music.


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