Tech Friday: A Sony Blu Ray DVD player and HDMI splitter

Posted By on March 30, 2018

HDMI4KUltraHDNow that our home theater has seats again, we are able to enjoy movie watching … sort of. When Katelyn and Taylor were home last weekend, I realized our old LG Blu-Ray DVD player didn’t work(it was a remote issue without any button overrides on the box). That frustration was followed by an older home theater receiver/amp that only had one HDMI "in" port which meant I had to unplug and plug in gadget boxes – DVD, Roku or Fioptics TV box. Brenda asked, "don’t they make an extension hub" (she surprises me with her commonsense sometimes) … to which I shrugged UNTIL checking the Internet. Sure enough, they are relatively inexpensive and so opted to order one with yet another remote for switching input sources.

While I was at it, I read a few of the reviews on inexpensive Blu-Ray DVD players and decided the slightly older Sony BDPS3700 would be perfect … and that for only $55, was a fairly good WikiBuyI do enjoy that shopping plugin BTW!



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