Huntington Bank and their 24-Hour Grace Overdraft Fee Relief

Posted By on March 31, 2018

I’ve been around long see banking change from daily dealing with a local banker that I knew by name … who also knew me (and my business) by name … to just a drive up teller window or ATM to the latest technology of snapping pics of checks and tapping on a smartphone.HuntingtonGraceAlert I sort of miss the friendly hello and invite into the bank manager’s office just to talk or ask if they could do anything to help me or my business? Times they have changed. 

For the most part I happy with doing banking online or rarely needing to stop at the local branch office. They few times in 2018 I’ve needed a semi-banking service has been for notarizing real estate documents … which two of my local banks refused to do based on corporate liability or some such thing? When I do stop, there are few people in the building reinforcing the trend to close branches and focus more on online services (one would think some innovative bank could offer other services and better utilized their offices … be it legal services, tax services, financial planning, etc? 

This week after scheduling a few online transactions myself, a forgotten handwritten IRA contribution check cleared before the ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfer I had scheduled arrived into my account … who knew USPS & paper check could clear before an electronic transfer? Anyway, in praise of the Ohio based Huntington Bank, I thank them for offering the polite and branding_icon-61dc9689588f3c46862843030c463f76a8f7514cfriendly "24-Hour Grace Alert" reminiscent of local banking the way it use to be, minus the friendly phone call (although the text message was appreciated!) Thanks!


Talking about ACH, here’s a great NPR Planet Money episode:

  Planet Money Podcast #489 – The Invisible Plumbing Of Our Economy
        (mp3) | 01/10/2018

We just need Amazon’s bank to send money electronically to a checking account at Chase bank. It’s just information traveling over wires. How long could it take: A minute? An hour?

It took five days.

Before the money could land in our bank account, it had to go through a 40-year-old program— the Automated Clearing House.



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