Pine pollen – it is that time of the year again #photography

Posted By on May 23, 2018


What a mess on everything outside. The yellow, dirty pine pollen covers everything each May … but thankfully Pine pollen doesn’t trigger allergies for me. Brenda on the other hand, either has allergies at the moment or a summer cold? (used the iPhone 7 plus portrait mode for the above photo – note selective focus and blurred background)

While watching a thunderstorm roll through last week, the heavy wind whipped through the grove a trees to our west and blew so much pollen off the trees that I thought it was a huge cloud of rain coming; instead it was a cloud of pine pollen. While mowing the yard, every brush up against a branch turn my t-shirt yellow and my blue ball cap  and ugly dirty mess. I knew there was a reason not to get the porch furniture out and power wash the pool decking until it all drops!



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