Set up the Wyze Cam Pan temporarily but have motion issues

Posted By on October 8, 2018


The new low cost Wyze Cam Pan that I bought to put in the Delray Beach Condo arrived this past weekend and so opted to set it up temporarily at home. So far so good with the image and impressive panning control with even motion tracking (less impressive though). The reason I chose the Wyze brand was due to just how please I was with the motiondetectionzoneinexpensive tiny block called the Wyze Cam (previous post). I’ve since move the small one home to join the Canary cameras and all do a pretty good job of monitoring for motion, sending/archiving video clips and sending alerts to my phone (BTW, the Wyze now support Alexa).

Speaking of alerts, I foolishly set the new Pan cam up above and didn’t tweak the motion setting … sure enough, the flag’s movement triggers an alert … time to adjust the motion detection setting and zone before the alerts drive me crazy today!


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