Practiced my first hand-cut dovetail #woodworking

Posted By on October 9, 2018

DovetailPracticeTextOne would think that will all the years that I’ve been tinkering with tools and woodworking that surely I would have made a few "hand-cut" dovetails? Nope, I’ve always used a simpler joint for hand made projects or for bigger "repeat" projects opted for a router and dovetail jig — which was handmade by me by the way (below). Still, I’ve never tried cutting pins or the dovetail by hand until last night.

Dovetails have always been something that I’ve wanted to try, but I’ve never had a small or simple enough project that made the risk worth the reward … but I’m working on something that is worth giving them a shot. It is not going to be easy since I’m working with hard maple again … and after my practice attempt,  realized just how difficult getting the accuracy and detailed cuts just right is going to be. Wish me luck.

My homemade (from Woodsmith plans) dovetail jig


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