What kind of rodent and varmint traps do you prefer?

Posted By on October 7, 2018

Each year about this time, rodents and varmints are looking at our garage and house as a place to call home when the weather cools. MouseInRatZapper150713So I’m usually trying to stay ahead of them by sealing up and keeping the garage doors closed more often (challenging when the weather is so nice).

The bigger varmints are relatively easy to attract into a live cage trap where I’m faced with releasing somewhere else or trying to humanely dispose of them in a swift fashion (or just let the cats go – grin!). Smaller critters like squirrels and chipmunks are not as easy to trap, but then they have not tried to get in the house “yet.” The little ones, like mice, seem to be able to find an opening somewhere and a couple get in each year … so opted for a trap that I highly recommended called the Rat Zapper – bought it few years ago. I’ll still use the snap traps, but for the most part have been able to successfully eliminate mice with this new “better mousetrap.”

But … last week, no matter what I baited the electric zapper trap with, I was unable to attract a small mouse who boldly zipped around a few times in plain sight! So out came the snap-traps and traps I think are the least humane … the sticky trap (see video below). Sure enough, a strategically placed sticky trap batted with a Frito was the one that nabbed him.

Also while gathering older linked posts on varmints like raccoons, I remembered October 5th was our late Tootsie‘s birthday … and it made me a bit sad — miss her.

Tootsie in 2008


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