Appreciating a heated garage after the first big winter snow

Posted By on January 15, 2019

TaylorWorkingOnBMW528i190112With a “heavy snowfall” that amounted to about 10 inches before melting a bit, I was thankful to have put the snow blower on the tractor last week.  It was about the wettest snow Snow8-9inches190112I’ve ever tried to blow and that’s saying something since I’ve been removing snow with the John Deere 330 since the mid-1980s when we lived in Hudson, OH. It was good to have put a heavy duty belt on last year as there were times the chute plugged and belt slipped (probably stopped to dig out the chute a dozen times). WinterIsHere190112

This weekend also saw a little service on my son’s BMW 528i AWD sedan. He puts a lot more miles on his car that I do nowadays and is glad to have a warm garage and a helping hand to do a little work. We replace his faulty plugs and did another oil change which seems to happy way too often now that he’s driving to Columbus on a regular basislike father, like son – a reference to my dating Brenda back in 1981.

New Bosch pre-gapped spark plugs vs older well seasoned NGK. Seems to be a miss,
so we will be replacing coil packs. Still wondering about the plugs? (

As for the heavy snow, I’m concerned we may lose the pool cover this year; there is so much weigh that I’m sure the aging straps and material are going to fail.



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