John Deere 330 Diesel 10K Generator project update

Posted By on October 13, 2016


After doing a little maintenance and replacing the front tires on the John Deere 330 last month, I finally finished the simple 10K generator setup and wired IMG_7686up a new longer power-to-house cable. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come up with a mount that makes it easy enough from my wife to connect the generator head to the John GenCordEtc5Deere and then to the house, but it is still relatively easy (she could probably do it … but wouldn’t like doing it).

Setting it up is a matter of a single tensioner "thumb screw" that I ground in order to align the generator head and the single heavy Kevlar 5/8" x 43" belt. So far in testing it for a few hours, it runs the house without a problem (minus AC, electric range, dryer, etc), … and uses 1/2 gallon of diesel per hour running at mid-throttle –required RPMs for 120 VAC and 240 VAC. I suspect my calculations on burn rate could be off slightly, but have erred on the conservative side (planning for 5 gallons of diesel every 10-12 hours).


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