A dab of epoxy and a neodymium magnet can be like magic

Posted By on March 6, 2019

DadCToolBoxRepacked190129Back on what would have been my dad’s birthday, I posted a photo of my new Ridgid work light hanging on his old toolbox. The toolbox was one of those items of my dad’s that both my brother and I wanted when we were going through our parents belongings – I ended up with it.
I’ve repacked my tools in it several times now, just to get it sorted the way I like, but on thing has bothered me was the way the latch hangs down in front of the top drawers. I finally got around to adding a  couple tiny neodymium magnets … which I’ve been using all over the place nowadays. Just add a little epoxy and voilà … they hold things in place.

Give them a try if you need to keep a tools from vibrating loose or a part where you can get at it easily. I may need to purchase a few more pretty soon!


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