Ohio gas taxes and a book by Kristin Tate – How Do I Tax Thee?

Posted By on March 7, 2019


I do miss browsing in bookstores … something our family would regularly do Sunday after church … and something my daughter and I would do “in the good ol’ days” when I would visit her in college. I suppose there are still a few bookstores around to enjoy, but nowadays I read what is recommended or what is given to me as a gift  … or occasionally spot something online after reading a “free chapter.” The later is the case for “How Do I Tax Thee?” by millennial author, journalist and Fox News commentator Kristin Tate. KristinTateHeadshotI even highlighted a intro page from my iPhone’s Kindle app to send to my son … who often grumbles about trying to make his paycheck stretch (I figured reading this segment above would make him feel a little bit better?)

Current conditions as they are, Ms. Tate’s book, published last year, seems a bit more timely now considering the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives are looking for more ways to tax (and spend, of course). They are certainly not alone since Republicans who regularly say they are the “party of fiscal responsibility” …but equally love to spend other peoples money. The takeaway of the book for me is in highlighting all the different ways government taxes people. From user fees and registrations on everything we own, to sales taxes, property taxes and income taxes. It certainly doesn’t stop with our Federal government either. Every area of government gets involve … one layer after another: city, county, regional, state, federal and when that list is do, how about a tax on each service and bill we receive? As much as we gripe, it is usually pretty easy to find someone getting hit harder … and if you’re in high taxed California or the East Coast … you can always look overseas!

So far this book is more of a reminder … a reminder to just how may ways our pockets are picked by those elected to serve us. I’ve seen the bloat and inefficiency grow in my lifetime, requiring each newly elected legislator to creatively come up with new ways to raise money. Cut publicly in one place, but raise the taxes gas-pump(and borrow more from the future) in another area … government never downsizes or shrinks.

Which reminds me, Ohio Republican governor Mike Dewine wants to increase the gas tax substantially (to 46 cent per gallon!) to improve our deteriorating roads and bridges … sadly I voted for him. One wonders just how high this tax can go? This current proposal would move Ohio from the 29th highest gas tax state in the nation to the 5th highest. Besides being a flat out regressive tax, it has a lot to be desired as vehicles improve on efficiency. Also, as more and more of the middle to upper class (read … “wealthier” Ohioans) buy newer more efficient vehicles, EV’s or plug-in hybrids, or perhaps a Tesla they won’t be the ones paying the lions share of the gas tax. Personally I don’t see how raising the gas and diesel taxes are the way to go if we’re heading in that direction? 



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