American exceptionalism and competition on local display

Posted By on April 14, 2019

8553506-elranchogrande_2010-29-04_2It is hard to believe our local El Rancho Nuevo Mexican Restaurant has been around for 9 years now (photo from opening in 2010) … but as the competition has increase, entrepreneurs have had to step up their game. This restaurant is one of the greatest small business example of why capitalism works: with increased local competition, their product had to improve. In the 9 years we have eaten there, MouthWashDispenser190407_mI’ve watched the quality of service improve (it was always good), food quality to be appropriate and the innovation, improvements and cleanliness stay ahead of the competition … of which there is plenty. All the local Mexican restaurants have had to compete for customers, making those that survive FAR better for customers (private ownership and competition works; capitalism vs socialism). 

El Rancho Nuevo, at least at this particular Cincinnati-Dayton Road location in Liberty Township, Ohio continues to innovate with small thing like bathroom improvements. It is so nice that I expected someone to hand me a towel. The cleanliness and pleasant smell was wonderful; the sinks have new waterfall faucets and there is even a mouthwash dispenser for those of us who enjoy salsa, but don’t want co-workers and customers to suffer when we return to the office.

It is this kind of next generation “legal immigrant owned” business in America that will succeed; it is a shining example of private ownership, free markets and small business competition that prove capitalism will work for next generation just as it has the previous – it is an example of rewarding smart-hard work and what sets the US apart … and one of the reasons America is exceptional. I’m so impressed to have such a noticeable example in our own backyard. 



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