Gender roles and a repair estimate for our Honda Pilot

Posted By on April 13, 2019

Even in today’s gender-neutral world, there are duties, either said or unsaid, that married couples still assign to each other. One of them in our house assigned to me is taking care of our automotive issues … especially the ones nobody really wants to do.

One of this past weeks’ tasks was to take our 2006 Honda Pilot to the claims adjuster at a body shop (it was backed into while parked). Although “waiting” is something few people enjoy, there was a comfortable waiting room to read the morning newspaper … and of course tweet about it (now that’s disturbing; what have I become?)

Original Tweet

And while I’m on the subject of minor bumps and bruises to cars, “someone” bumped into my BMW X5 35D last week and broke a reflector. It was no big deal, but “he” immediately ordered and sent me a replacement part.  An easy fix, so I installed it this past week too (this is the third bumper incident in as many months). 


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