The Notre Dame de Paris burned – April 15, 2019

Posted By on April 15, 2019


One of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in Paris, France was gutted as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France burned. The entire roof and main spire collapsed (below) along with what looks like significant 1024px-North_rose_window_of_Notre-Dame_de_Paris,_Aug_2010damage to the rose windows.

The heart wrenching images and video flooded social media streams and newsfeeds at people watched the huge structure engulfed in flames. 1280px-Notredame_ParisIt is so sad to see an historic landmark, an architectural piece of art, that stood for centuries destroyed. Very few Americans can relate to structures over 850 years old and built in medieval times – from 1163 to 1260.  The Catholic cathedral was modified throughout history and was damaged during the French Revolution, but underwent a 25 year restoration in 1845. Again in 1963 it required a renovation again, but this time partially to clean the centuries of soot and grime … and then again in for 9 more years of cleaning from 1991-2000. What a loss to see such a famous cathedral go up in flames – we can only hope it was accidental?



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